Sami Sharafeddine

Beirut, Lebanon · resume ·

I am an iOS Developer with over 4 years of experience, an Electronic Music Addict and an Aviation Geek.
If you would ask me what do I do for a living, I'd simply say I spend my time turning coffee into code.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Easy-To-Use App Design
  • Clean & Efficient Code
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Delivery to Client or Release



iOS Engineer
Toters is a very popular store delivery service based in Beirut, Lebanon. They also offer their services in Riyadh and Baghdad. I was, along with others, responsible for the development of a reinvented version of the app.
December 2018 - June 2019



iOS Application

Locast is a weather app capable of delivering the most accurate real time weather data from all around the globe. It uses METAR weather reports that are used by pilots to analyze weather and predict future weather phenomena. It features real time weather tracking and very accurate forecasts that can extend for few days.



iOS Application

Filefy is an advanced file manager and downloader that is capable of detecting and downloading any type of files through its own built-in web browser. Filefy also features it own file manager that supports Importing / Exporting any file to / from the app, it also supports viewing photos, PDF documents, editing text files, unarchiving, playing music, and lots more.

Lebanon Speed Tickets

iOS Application

Lebanon Speed Tickets is an App that allows Lebanese citizens to check for Speed Tickets issued on their registration plate numbers, detailing the date and place where the violation occurred.

Lebanon Safety Guide

iOS Application

Lebanon Safety Guide aims at giving Lebanese citizens an idea about what’s happening outdoors, so anyone can plan a safe route towards their destinations, and avoid potential threats in some areas.

Kay Lens

iOS Application

Kay Lens is a photography portfolio application developed for a client, it features live photo feed with the ability for like photos and save them selectively.

Contact Me

Anyone who is intrested in an iOS Application or needs to hire me as an iOS Developer can contact me through my E-mail.